Discover the Magic of Aspire Toastmasters

The mix of members in Aspire Toastmasters is one of the things that makes it so successful

Members range from new speakers, just beginning their public speaking journey, through to highly experienced people, skilled in helping others develop their speaking skills. And all members support each other, regardless of their skill level, because everybody is on a development journey, even the experienced members, who work on advanced programs

You will never find a more supportive environment to build your confidence and skills in public speaking. All members remember their own nervous start so any mistakes you might make are ignored; everyone in the club has been there, learning. That is why Toastmasters is a great place to try new ideas, testing to see what is likely to work in a more critical environment.

And Aspire Toastmasters is fun. We play a number of word games at meetings, designed to reprogram your brain to quickly respond to unexpected situations, then to formulate a response and deliver it with confidence. And those games always generate funny stuff! That’s the beauty of Aspire, we use laughter as a learning tool.