After You Join

What to expect after joining Toastmasters

table-talk-061315-1024x761New members are in good hands at Aspire Toastmasters. We’re ready to help you meet your goals. Here’s what to expect after you’ve joined:

  1. Receive a mentor – The VP of Education will work with you to identify a member of the club to serve as your mentor–someone who can answer your questions and help you through your first speeches. If you don’t hear from the VPE within your first two meetings, make contact so that you can get a mentor assigned.
  2. Email list sign-up – The club’s VP of Education will add you to the club’s mailing list and send you details of how to use it.
  3. Site log-in credentials – The club’s VP Education will provide you with the credentials to log-in to the member section of the Aspire Toastmasters club website.
  4. Social Media Subscriptions: The VP of Public Relations will assist you to get subscribed to all social media links of Aspire TM Club to allow you to stay up-to-date with the notifications and social media activities.
  5. Begin filling roles – When you join the Vice President Education will ask you about how quickly you want to proceed with the program, fast or slower. Most new members prefer to start off with smaller roles and build up but that will be entirely up to you.
  6. Understand how to use Pathways – You’ll be guided on how to get started with the Pathways Learning experience by selecting the path best fit for your personal/professional goals.