How feedback makes you grow

Feedback is the key to success in Toastmaster training. It is given verbally after each project speech and expanded with written comments.

Verbal feedback highlights the areas where you have performed well or made noticeable improvements. Highlighting these successes to the entire group helps to reinforce your good practices and serves to remind the whole group about successful techniques. And it is motivating!

Feedback also includes one or two suggestions of where you might improve for your next presentation. This is a vital part of training because it focuses your attention on an achievable step forward in your ongoing development. Care is taken to ensure that feedback is always given in a sensitive and supportive way.

The feedback bonus
There is a hidden bonus to feedback! As you develop your skills as a speaker you will learn to give constructive feedback to other club members in a sensitive way. This is one of the most rewarding parts of Toastmasters because you see you are helping other people grow their skills. And it helps develop your own skills because you learn to analyse various techniques and understand what works in public speaking and why, which you learn to adapt to your own presentations.