Frequently asked questions

My mind goes blank whenever I stand up to speak to a group. How would you get me over this?

Easily! We train you in a segment called Table Topics where we ask you to speak on a topic without notice for about one minute. This might seem a little challenging at first but with practice you will soon be able to quickly collect ideas and present them in a fluent way. It is like learning to ride a bike: It might seem difficult at first but soon you can do it without thinking about it. Every one picks up this skill with a little practice and you do it in a very supportive environment where everyone is willing you to succeed

Aren’t new speakers nervous speaking in front of so many experienced speakers?

Yes, some are, but that is okay. Everyone, including the most experienced of speakers, remembers their own nervous start in public speaking. You will never find a more encouraging audience.

I already have some speaking skills. Would Toastmasters be worthwhile for me?

Yes. Toastmasters training is flexible to fit your particular needs. If you have some speaking skills you will quickly breeze through the early training exercises and start on the more advanced levels. At Toastmasters you can continue your training up to professional speaker standard.

How long does it take to become a confident public speaker?
People vary, but in general terms in about six weeks you would feel comfortable to give a short presentation to a group. Within three months you would be able to give a more challenging presentation. After 12 months your skills would be very well developed.

If I visited Aspire Toastmasters would I have to stand up and speak?

No. You are invited to Aspire to see how we would develop your public speaking confidence and skills. You are welcome to just sit and watch but if you would like to participate there would be an opportunity.

If I joined would I be learning on my own?

No. At Aspire Toastmasters all new members have the option of a Mentor, an experienced speaker who helps you through the training program. After each exercise you get positive and helpful feedback.

When and where are meetings held?

We meet every second Saturday at 2.30 PM at The Palms Community Centre on the corner of Rockeby Rd and Thomas St, Subiaco. See a picture of the venue location. Check the next meeting date at the top of our home page.

If I visit will I be pressured to join?

Absolutely not! The Toastmasters training program basically sells itself; we don’t need sales people. But we also understand that some people learn differently and some might prefer a different format. That’s fine. The decision is yours and we would never try to pressure you.

I have already visited: Can I visit again without having to join?

Absolutely! Sometimes it can take a few visits to know if Toastmasters is for you.

What will I learn from Toastmasters?

You will learn to overcome your fear of public speaking, build your self-confidence and improve your speaking skills. You will be able to develop your skills to professional speaker level, if you choose. You will also build your leadership skills through the leadership training program.

What do I get as a member?

Along with the opportunity to practice your speaking skills, you will receive several workbooks covering different communication skills. These will help you develop a core set of public speaking skills that will enable you to present confidently. The feedback you receive after each presentation will guide your development. You will also pick up valuable insights by mingling with other people who have the same interest as you, developing their public speaking skills

An added bonus is the comprehensive Leadership training program that comes highly recommended by business leaders. See the separate article on this site about this program.

As a member you also get access to a comprehensive library of materials on the Toastmasters web site and each month you receive a copy of The Toastmaster, our magazine with articles related to public speaking and professional development.

Will I receive any recognition on completing the workbooks?

Once you have completed your Competent Communicator manual you will receive a Competent Communicator award. You can then progress to more advanced levels. A notification of your award can also be sent to your employer at each level, if you wish.

How much does it cost?

The once only joining fee is $40, which covers the cost of your workbooks and registration. Membership renewals are $70 and are payable twice per year in September and March. Membership fees may be paid in by EFT, cash, cheque or credit card.

Why is Toastmasters is so inexpensive?

Toastmasters is easily the most successful public speaking training program in the world! The reason for it’s affordability is that it takes a different approach from the expensive training courses out there. We believe our approach is much more effective.

There are two secrets to the Toastmasters success: Firstly, the comprehensive training manuals and, secondly, the training protocols. Toastmasters has invested heavily in state-of-the-art training material and with this material, and support from like minded people, no paid staff is necessary; hence the affordable price tag.

The second advantage of having no paid staff is there is time for you to develop your skills with spaced repetition, a technique that experts agree is the best form of training. With that you practice a particular skill then you take a break for a week or so before practicing the skill again. This gives you time to reflect and consolidate and repeat the skills learned with a fresh mind. Courses with paid staff can’t do this, it would simply be too expensive.

Aspire Toastmasters does fundraising to supplement funds. We run a Speechcraft course once a year for paying customers who want to develop basic public speaking skills quickly. We have some experienced members who are able to deliver courses to a professional standard but it is also an opportunity for our less experienced members to gain experience by filling support roles, if they choose to participate.

How do I become a member?

Simply fill out the Membership Application Form enclosed in the kit you will receive on visiting the club and pay the joining fee. You can pay by EFT, cash, cheque or credit card

Details of EFT payments

BSB:                     633000

Account Number: 157060500

Account Name: Aspire Toastmasters Club

Please put your name as a reference on your deposit.

How do I get further information?



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