On Leadership Training


There are three phases in the Toastmasters leadership training program.


“In my opinion the leadership program in Toastmasters is excellent, superior to many of the expensive courses out there. And I have experienced a lot of leadership and management courses, delivered to both my staff and me.”

Michael Malone

Founder, iiNet

1.    Initially you will develop leadership skills within the club environment, taking such leadership roles as running meetings, giving effective feedback, organising special events and mentoring new members.

2.    In the second phase of leadership training you undertake a club officer role and this later leads to training club officers from other clubs. In this phase you will also study Toastmasters leadership material and make several presentations to your club in your choice of the following programs.

  • Developing a mission
  • Goal setting and planning
  • Giving effective feedback
  • Conflict resolution
  • Motivating people
  • Delegating to empower
  • Team building
  • The leader as a coach
  • Values and leadership

3.    In the third phase of training you will complete your own High Performance Leadership (HPL) training program with guidance from experienced leaders in Toastmasters. You select a worthwhile project either within Toastmasters or in the general community or within your employment environment. The project should be innovative and worthwhile.

Once you have defined your project you will then select a team of senior Toastmasters or outside experts to advise you at a number of critical stages in your project. You will draw heavily on the Toastmasters HPL published material and give a number of presentations either within Toastmasters or in outside organisations and which will be evaluated by senior Toastmasters who are independent of your advisory team.